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System Integration

System Integration

Our energy storage units can be integrated into both new and existing systems. We pay special attention to a high level of integration. All relevant systems can and should be networked with one another in order to increase the degree of utilization and thus to minimize the amortization time as much as possible.

The applicability of energy storage systems in commercial or industrial facilities is on the one hand for the temporary storage of surpluses, on the other hand for reducing expensive load peaks. Network-related applications such as providing power and/or energy are also possible. The individual applications are by no means mutually exclusive and can be used flexibly as needed.

System Integration 2

Settlement areas are ideal areas of application for energy storage. Unlike individual home storage systems, we pursue the goal of shared storage. The monitoring of existing individual plants has shown that a shared storage would result in a higher self-consumption rate as well as a higher level of self-sufficiency. In addition, the investment costs and the amortization time are lower, both argues for collaborative solutions.

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